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Debt Portfolio

Portfolio as on 31-03-2009
Name of the Scheme Sahara FMP 395 Days Sr.2 Sahara FMP 395 Days Sr.3 Sahara Interval Fund Quarterly Plan Sr.1
Sr. No.Name of the Instrument Market Value (in Rs. lakh)%to Net Assets of thescheme Market Value (in Rs. lakh)%to Net Assets of the scheme Market Value (in Rs. lakh)% to Net Assets of the scheme
ABonds & Debentures of :
(I)Private Corporate Bodies 0.000.00 0.00 0.000.00 0.00
(III)Banks/FI (including NBFC)
Sub Total (A=I+II+III+IV)
BSecuritised Debt Instruments:
(V)Single Loan 0.000.00 0.00
(VI)Pool 0.000.00 0.00
Sub Total (B=V+VI)
CMoney Market Instruments:
(VIII)CDs 0.000.0031.97 97.34%46.9399.58%
(IX)T Bills
(X)CBLOs/Repos 1.59100.00%0.87 2.65%0.200.42%
(XI)Bills Rediscounting/BRDS
(XII)Others0.000.00 0.00
Sub Total(C=VII+VIII+IX+X+XI+XII) 1.59100.00%32.84 100.00%47.13100.00%
DGovernment Securities 0.00 0.000.00
EFixed Deposits 0.00 0.000.00
FCash and Net Current Assets 0.00 0.000.00
GOthers (Pls specify) 0.00 0.000.00
Net Assets(A+B+C+D+E+F+G)1.59 100.00%32.84100.00% 47.13100.00%
Any downgrading of securities after the last disclosure will be disclosed by way of notes.
* For items A - E issuer wise details given as per the Annexure with a hyperlink to the respective schemes names.

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